Scientists FINALLY Found A Way To Time Travel!


Scientists FINALLY Found A Way To Time Travel

Time travel appears frequently in popular culture, with several time travel storylines in films, television, and literature. However, it is a remarkably old idea: one may argue that Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex, published almost 2,500 years ago, is the first-time travel story. But is it possible to travel back in time? Given the concept’s popularity, this is a legitimate question.

There are various conceivable answers to this question for a theoretical physicist, not all of them are contradictory.

There are two ways to travel through time: going forward or going backward. As you view this video, there are people going through time in the future. Due to universe-ending paradoxes, time travel can be a bit more challenging. New study indicates, however, that time travel in both ways is not only plausible but also safe. The question is whether you would do it. At its most fundamental level, time travel is all about velocity, space, and gravity. For instance, a second for a person standing on Earth will differ from a second for a person travelling close to the speed of light or in the vicinity of a black hole. According to mathematics and physics, even if we lack the technology to travel so quickly, this is how time works.

We all travel in time! For example, we go one year forward in time between birthdays. And we all go through time at roughly the same rate: one second per second.

Time dilation, a feature of Albert Einstein’s special relativity, describes how the rate of motion modifies the relative sizes of mass, time, and space. Einstein was the first to recognize that time is not constant but rather slows down as you travel faster across space. What this means is that time is an illusion that changes depending on who is looking at it. If you could move at the speed of light, you would perceive time to pass considerably more slowly than it would for someone who remained at rest. Even astronauts in space age more slowly than those on Earth.


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