NASA Just Sent Out A Terrifying Message & Said We Aren’t Ready For it!


NASA Just Sent Out A Terrifying Message

The cosmos is unfathomably huge and we know very little about it. It extends some ninety-two to ninety-three billion years end to end. And that’s actually just the observable universe.

This means there’s a grand portion of the universe that we can’t see and it’s so young even now that light from the distant region of space hasn’t had the time to reach us. It’s only fair for scientists
to wonder if there are other habitable worlds out there. According to conservative estimates, there could be as much as 5.3 trillion habitable planets that might contain life.

Astronomers and planetary scientists have been trying to ascertain which among these have better prospects for life to thrive in. They also want to know which planets can be considered for Earth-like life.
For that to happen the planet must be in the habitable zone of its star, terrestrial and within the acceptable size range for life to form. Experts think there may be a number of worlds that may already contain extremophiles and other exotic organisms. Here are ten planets where there could be life according to NASA

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