This Hole Creates Infinite Energy FOREVER!


This Hole Creates Infinite Energy FOREVER

This is the map of Russia. On the border with Finland is the Kola Peninsula. Located in the Kola Peninsula is the deepest hole dug by humankind. It is 12 km deep and costs the scientists digging it about 100 million dollars! However, a startup wants to dig even deeper, to 20 km, for a revolution in geothermal energy! Which startup wants to dig 20 km into the Earth’s crust, and how will this hole change geothermal energy? Join us as we dig into how creating the deepest hole on Earth revolutionizes geothermal energy! Why did the scientists in Kola stop digging?

The well was dug for research purposes beginning in 1970, and after five years of non-stop digging, the Kola well had reached 7km or about 23,000ft. Work continued until the project was abandoned in 1989 because the drill became stuck in rock at a little over 12km, almost 40,000ft or 8 miles deep.

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