The Scale Of This Supervoid Is Mind Blowing!


The Scale Of This Supervoid Is Mind Blowing

Looking at the night sky with hundreds of stars in there, it seems to us that they are distributed more or less evenly. It was previously believed that galaxies and clusters of galaxies are evenly distributed in the Universe. Sort of like raisins in a cake. Where each highlight is a cluster or supercluster of galaxies.

But suddenly this slender and beautiful picture of the world collapsed. And instead of raisins, scientists saw giant holes, as if someone in our cupcake picked out plenty of the raisins. How do you like the void the size of 2,953,000,000 light years! How did these huge spaces form, where there is almost nothing? And what is the distance from us to the nearest so gloomy formation? And the most unexpected question – is there a connection between such gigantic voids with …alien civilizations?!

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