Scientists Believe There’s Life on Titan, And It’s Weirder Than You Think!


Scientists Believe Theres Life on Titan And Its Weirder Than You Think

We have long considered Mars as a potential second home. But the deeper we study our solar system, the more new candidates emerge, some of them perhaps even better for colonization.

Life on Earth in its early stages was radically different from what it is today. The atmosphere was different, completely alien species dominated, and if we were to look at the landscapes that existed back then, we wouldn’t recognize Earth as it is today.

So perhaps, while we are hunting for potentially habitable celestial bodies, we should expand our criteria and contemplate the conditions that would foster the existence of alien life forms.

And there’s one world in our solar system that could fit these criteria. How is Titan the representation of the early Earth? What are these mysterious deserts on Saturn’s largest moon, and what causes its lakes to erupt?

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