Researchers Have Made a Crazy New Discovery on Proxima B!


Researchers Have Made a Crazy New Discovery on Proxima B

Experts have succeeded in detecting around 5,000 exoplanets in more than 3,700 different systems. Unfortunately, however, the experts have not yet been able to identify a habitable celestial body or even a cosmic image of the Earth.

In order to uncover more and more planetary secrets of the cosmos, scientists sometimes let their research eyes wander into the most remote areas of our galactic environment. For example, we know that the SWEEP-S exoplanets follow their orbits at a distance of about 22,000 light-years. In light of this exciting discovery, however, we should not forget that many an alien world is practically right on our Earthly doorstep.

This includes Proxima Centauri b in particular. Why the exoplanet has been in the headlines again and again since its discovery and which circumstances indicate that it could even be habitable, we reveal to you in today’s video!

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