Researchers Discover an Alien Spaceship in the Kuiper Belt!


Researchers Discover an Alien Spaceship in the Kuiper Belt

Beyond the orbit of Neptune is one of the most mysterious regions of the solar system: the Kuiper belt. According to current estimates, this flat, ring-shaped area is home to more than 70,000 objects with a diameter of more than 60 miles – and countless other structures. The problem is that so far, experts have only been able to classify a small fraction of these thousands and thousands of objects.

The strange discovery made by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in the Kuiper Belt a few years ago could provide us with an authentic insight into those great mysteries that have yet to be uncovered there in the future. What this mysterious structure might be and why some people believe that we are actually dealing with an extraterrestrial spacecraft, you’ll find out in today’s video!

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