New Discovery Inside the Great Pyramid! What Did Scientists Find There?


New Discovery Inside the Great Pyramid What Did Scientists Find There

In 2014 the former Egyptian minister of Antiquities and archaeologists zahi hawas was charged with stealing Egyptian Antiquities in the list of items that could have been stolen by the famous egyptologist the most unusual artifact was the ancient copper wires from the Pyramid of kiops also called the Great Pyramid of Giza indeed it’s very strange that at a time when electricity hadn’t been discovered yet there were already copper wires in this pyramid what’s even weirder is that someone decided to steal those wires as if the archaeologist badly wanted to hide something from the public some historians don’t believe that the Pyramid of key Ops is a tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh there’s even a theory that it was built by an even more ancient civilization and Elon Musk once made a sensational statement on his Twitter that in his opinion the pyramids were actually built by aliens.

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