NASA Restores Contact with Voyager 2 Probe!



Many an unmanned spacecraft that explored the exciting realms of our galactic neighbors ended its service after a relatively short period of operation. In view of those probes, which fell victim to the extreme conditions on the examined celestial bodies, or were brought to burn up deliberately in planetary atmospheres at the end of their missions, one could think that the life spans of the complex technical equipment are not particularly long – an assumption roundly disproven by NASA’s two Voyager space probes. The unmanned spacecraft left our earthly home back in the year 1977 and still pull their courses through the gigantic breadths of the universe. Which milestones have already been reached within the framework of the decades-long Voyager 2 mission, into which remote areas the spacecraft has advanced in the meantime and how the experts succeeded a few months ago in restoring the previously broken contact with Voyager 2, you can find out in our video today!

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