‘Haven’t had images like this’: NASA releases new images of Uranus



ANU Astrophysicist and Cosmologist Brad Tucker says we “haven’t had images like this” in decades after NASA revealed new images of Uranus showing its ring and planet in greater detail.

“All four of the outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn have rings as well as Uranus and Neptune, but sometimes the rings are quite hard to see,” Mr Tucker told Sky News Australia.

“Two bright dots on the main body which we believe to be cloud systems … it’s not a dramatic surprise that this happens, we know cloud … is really telling us a lot about how these ice giants, as we call them; form, how they live and what they may hosts in other systems,” he said.

“We haven’t had images like this in thirty-odd years … it’s really really far away, to get detail on it is quite tricky.”

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