Ford CEO: « This New Battery Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry »!


This New Battery Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry

General Motors, led by Mary Barra, has the lofty ambition to unseat the king of EVS in the next few years, while many people may think Barra is punching above her weight. GM has a secret weapon that shocks the entire auto industry: the new Altium battery. What does this brand new battery offer? How is GM banking on it to rise in the ranks of EV makers? If you want to rule the world of EVS, your battery game must be strong. This is because there is a Goliath in the room that you must conquer: Tesla. Apart from being so good at designing EVS, the company is also known for breakthroughs in EV batteries. However, Mary Barra has thrown down the challenge that General Motors would unseat Tesla at the top of the EV industry. Bara is banking on a company’s new EV battery known as Altium; however, a GM vying for the EV top spot is a very different GM from the one car owners used to know, founded in 1908. GM sells millions of cars yearly, with most of them having internal combustion engines. Last year alone, the Detroit-based company produced 6.3 million vehicles.

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