Finnaly Scientist Have Discovered Evidence Of Another Universe Before This One


We take a look at this new interesting discovery.

One thing that confuses even the most intelligent people is the universe. For many years we have looked up to the stars and wondered what is out there. Recently is was announced that Professor Sir Roger Penrose thinks our known cosmos is the latest in a long line of previous universes.

Another Universe


Interesting Proof That Another Universe Existed Before Our Own

Our universe, which was destroyed some 14 billion years ago, still has the scars of the events of its predecessor, according to Professor Sir Roger Penrose, a former student of the late Professor Hawking.

One of the most renowned theoretical physicists in the world is Prof. Penrose, an Oxford University researcher. He asserts that the data indicates that our world is only the most recent of an endless sequence of universes, each of which sprung like phoenixes from its predecessor in a Big Bang.

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