FINALLY! We Will Soon Travel FASTER Than Light Because Of THIS!


FINALLY! We Will Soon Travel FASTER Than Light Because Of THIS!

FINALLY We Will Soon Travel FASTER Than Light Because Of THIS

What is the fastest thing you have ever seen? A Cheetah? A Bugatti? Or a rocket? Well, the fastest thing is what’s making you see these fast things and that’s light. It is the fastest thing to exist. If something were to exceed this limit, it can move backward in time. Not only this, but the interstellar space travel could also reduce, however, it’s the law of the universe that nothing can move faster than light. But the times have changed now and with new technology, we can travel faster than the speed of light! Welcome to Cosmos lab, your one station for all the news from space. Join us in today’s video to find out about the new technology that is going to travel faster than the speed of light.

Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second (300,000 kilometers per second), and it takes just over a second to travel from the Earth to the Moon. In the blink of an eye, light may travel from Los Angeles to New York.

While 1% of anything may not seem like much, when it comes to light, that’s still a lot of speed – close to 7 million miles per hour! It would take a little over a second to go from Los Angeles to New York at 1% the speed of light. This is tens of thousands of times faster than a typical commercial jet.

If we take in contrast some other speedy things then the bullets may travel at more than three times the speed of sound, at 2,600 miles per hour. With a peak speed of 7,000 mph, NASA’s X3 jet plane is the fastest aircraft on the planet. Although this is great, it is still only 0.001% of the speed of light.

It’s not that we can’t go faster. Spacecraft are the fastest human-made objects. They employ rockets to break free from the gravity of the Earth, which requires a speed of 25,000 mph. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is the spacecraft that is going the quickest. After launching from Earth in 2018, it skimmed the Sun’s searing atmosphere and accelerated to 330,000 mph using the Sun’s gravity. That’s incredible speed, yet it’s only 0.05 percent the speed of light.

Science has progressed a lot. And now it seems like it’s possible to get something to 1 percent the speed of light. This would require a lot of energy but the question is, can we really do this?

Remember the USS Enterprise, which is propelled by a « warp drive » in the sci-fi franchise « Star Trek, » zips back and forth across the universe. Well, scientists have got an idea following the sci-fi. Wrap drive, unfortunately for space travel lovers, appears to contradict Einstein’s equations, which normally restrict faster-than-light travel. With the hypothetical addition of « exotic matter, » however, this science fiction creation really fits inside the boundaries of Einstein’s general relativity theory, which defines gravity and the bending of space-time by matter. As a result, scientists have been calculating and discussing whether such a device could be manufactured and utilized to travel to the stars, with no conclusive results.


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