DARPA Funded Scientists Accidently Discover World’s First ‘WARP BUBBLE’ And Open The Door To Travel Faster Than Light



It is an incredible discovery that can take us to other star systems in the still very distant future, but somewhat closer than yesterday. The theory behind that engine — proposed in the 1990s by Mexican mathematician Miguel Alcubierre — allows a spacecraft to travel faster than light by curving space, expanding it behind the ship while contracting it at its bow. In this way, the effective distance between two points is shortened and the ship could cover that distance faster than a photon traveling through unwarped space.

But if there is one big thing that we still have to figure out, it is beating the speed of light.
In a surprising turn of events, a scientist and his team may have actually found a key element that could bring us closer to doing just that. The Warp drive pioneer and former NASA scientist Dr. Harold Sonny White has now reported the discovery of an actual, real-world “Warp Bubble”.


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