Brian Greene : Should We Ditch String Theory?


Should We Ditch String Theory

In this thought-provoking video, renowned theoretical physicist Brian Greene delves into the complexities of String Theory and its role in unifying our understanding of the universe. He explains that the current understanding of the universe is based on two major theories: quantum physics and general relativity, which respectively explain the behavior of microscopic particles and the large-scale structure of the universe.

However, these two theories seem incompatible when combined. Brian Greene elucidates how scientists have been trying to reconcile this paradox through a quest for a theory of everything.

Among the proposed solutions, String Theory stands out. According to String Theory, the most basic constituents of the universe are not particles, but rather tiny, vibrating strings of energy. Different vibrations of these strings give rise to different particles, and hence the diversity we observe in the universe.

This idea provides a unified framework, encapsulating matter particles and force particles within the same theoretical structure.

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