Betelgeuse Is FINALLY Exploding in September 2022!


Betelgeuse Is FINALLY Exploding in September 2022

Did you know that one of the largest stars in the universe, Betelgeuse is nearly 950 times larger than our Sun. But there is a cost for that. Betelgeuse is no different from other stars in that it has a lifespan. It’s a ready-to-detonate ticking time bomb.

One of the most dramatic cosmic events in our universe will be its demise, and Earth will be able to see it. But when will it finally end dramatically? How would this end impact the Earth? Will the universe ever again be the same?

Join us as we explore how Betelgeuse is finally exploding in September 2022! The first image that comes to mind when someone mentions Betelgeuse might be Beetlejuice, the undead trickster from the film of the same name. However, the star of the same name, one of the brightest celestial objects we can see in our sky, is most likely being discussed if the word « Betelgeuse » is used in a group of scientists. Additionally, some people find it fascinating since they think it could mean the end of our species and world

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