WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS: Something Terrifying Is Going On!



Something strange is going on with the Earth’s magnetic field. Over the last 200 years, it has gradually weakened and shifted its magnetic north pole from the Canadian Arctic to Siberia. However, in recent decades, the sluggish migration south has accelerated, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles each year. Could we be on the verge of a geomagnetic reversal, in which the magnetic north and south poles swap roles? What is causing the Earth’s poles to flip? What are the ramifications, and how can you deal with them? In this video, we go into the phenomenon of the Earth’s poles flipping, which is causing a great deal of concern among a lot of people because it’s happening right now!

The magnetic field of Earth is produced by the flow of molten iron in the planet’s core, approximately 1,800 miles (2896 km) beneath our feet. This superheated liquid generates electric currents, which cause electromagnetic fields to form. While the principles that cause pole reversal are relatively unknown, computer models of planetary dynamics demonstrate that the reversals occur on their own. This is backed by observations of the Sun’s magnetic field, which reverses every 11 years. Our own magnetic field formed at least 4 billion years ago, and the Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed numerous times since then. The magnetic field has altered ten times in the previous 2.6 million years alone, and because the most recent occurred 780,000 years ago, some experts believe we are due for another. However, reversals are neither predictable nor periodic.


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