When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11 pdf


When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11 pdf

When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11 pdf : Pages 336

By Philip Moriarty

Publisher: BenBella Books, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781944648534, 9781944648527

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There are deep and fascinating links between heavy metal and quantum physics. No, there are. Really. While teaching at the University of Nottingham, physicist Philip Moriarty noticed something odd—a surprising number of his students were heavily into metal music. Colleagues, too: a Venn diagram of physicists and metal fans would show a shocking amount of overlap.
What’s more, it turns out that heavy metal music is uniquely well-suited to explaining quantum principles.
In When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to Eleven, Moriarty explains the mysteries of the universe’s inner workings via drum beats and feedback: You’ll discover how the Heisenberg uncertainty principle comes into play with every chugging guitar riff, what wave interference has to do with Iron Maiden, and why metalheads in mosh pits behave just like molecules in a gas.
If you’re a metal fan trying to grasp the complexities of quantum physics, a quantum physicist baffled by heavy metal, or just someone who’d like to know how the fundamental science underpinning our world connects to rock music, this book will take you, in the words of a pioneering Texas thrash band, to A New Level.

For those who think quantum physics is too mind-bendingly complex to grasp, or too focused on the invisibly small to be relevant to our full-sized lives, this funny, fascinating book will show you that physics is all around us . . . and it rocks.


CHAPTER 1 Permanent Waves
CHAPTER 2 Banging a Different Drum
CHAPTER 3 From Fourier to Fear Factory
CHAPTER 4 Running to Stand Still
CHAPTER 5 A Quantum Leap: Thinking Inside the Box
CHAPTER 6 Giants of the Infinitesimal
CHAPTER 7 Uncertainty Blurs the Vision
CHAPTER 8 Into Another Dimension
CHAPTER 9 Into the Void
CHAPTER 10 In and Out of Phase
CHAPTER 11 Caught in a Mosh

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