Warp Drive News. Seriously!


Warp Drive News. Seriously!

Warp Drive News. Seriously!

What is a warp drive? Are they scientifically possible? How does the Alcubierre drive work? That’s what we talk about today.

Warp drives may be on the road to reality. Previous ideas about how to make these hypothetical devices have required exotic forms of matter and energy that may not exist, but a new idea for a warp drive that doesn’t break the laws of physics may be theoretically possible.

0:00 Intro and Motivation

0:46 What is a Warp Drive?

2:47 The Alcubierre Drive

3:54 General Relativity Background

6:09 The Problem with the Alcubierre Drive

7:26 New Paper

9:37 What the new paper may be good for


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