Voyager 2 Discovers a Mysterious Movement in Outer Space!


Voyager 2 Discovers a Mysterious Movement in Outer Space

Almost 15 billion miles: This is the gigantic distance that now gapes between NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft and our blue home planet. In history, only one other unmanned spacecraft has managed to travel as far into space – and that was Voyager 2. Sent on their journies in the late 1970s, the probes still regularly provide earthly researchers with valuable new findings.

But how is it that the Voyager mission, launched over 4 decades ago, continues to this day? What knowledge did the probes’ mission bring us? And what about the mysterious plasma movements that Voyager 2 detected in interstellar space a few years ago? Together with you, today we’ll take a closer look at one of the greatest success stories of space travel!

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