Video : A star is seen swallowing a planet « in one gulp » for the first time. Earth will likely suffer the same fate.

This illustration provided Caltech/IPAC by depicts a planet skimming the surface of its star. Astronomers reported their observations Wednesday, May 3, 2023, of what appears to be a gas giant at least the size of Jupiter being eaten by its star.

For the first time, scientists have caught a star in the act of swallowing a planet – not just a nibble or bite, but one big gulp. Experts say that Earth will likely suffer the same apocalyptic fate in about 5 billion years.

Astronomers on Wednesday reported their observations of what appeared to be a gas giant around the size of Jupiter or bigger being eaten by its star. The sun-like star had been puffing up with old age for eons and finally got so big that it engulfed the close-orbiting planet.

It’s a gloomy preview of what will happen to Earth when our sun morphs into a red giant. During that growth spurt, the sun will absorb Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth, according to NASA.

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