Things Animals Can Do That Humans Can’t


Things Animals Can Do

Things Animals Can Do : We all know that birds have the ability to fly, which is an obvious trait that we as humans lack. But what about a creature with no wings that is able to defy gravity, too?

Meet the Alpine ibex goat. Just looking at him, you might not be impressed but wait until you hear what he can do. Ibex goats have the incredible ability to run up hills that are almost perfectly vertical. Not only that but they can hold their balance on the tiniest of ledges.

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They also have the power to jump 2 meters (6 ft), which makes galloping up vertical terrain barely even a challenge. The ibex goat uses its gravity-defying powers to escape its predators, which include wolves, bears, foxes, and lynx. Even the most skilled predators struggle to match pace with the ibex as it glides with ease up some of the steepest terrains in Europe. I’d like to see a human take on this challenge.

this video shows 5 examples is spectacular

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