The Terrifying Truth about the Andromeda Galaxy!


The Terrifying Truth about the Andromeda

Our cosmic home is constantly on the move: It has been known for some time that this applies not only to the individual structures of space, but also to the universe as a whole.

With every second that passes, the universe continues to expand. However, the cosmos does not expand thereby into an existing space; it is rather the space itself which increases incessantly. This realization was derived in the first half of the 20th century from the observation of the so-called galaxy escape.

This means that gravitationally bound collections of stars that are very far away from us will continue to move further and further away from us in the future. However, this principle cannot be applied to those clustered star worlds that are practically right on our earthly doorstep. On the contrary: In fact, we are already on a direct collision course with the Andromeda galaxy! In today’s video we’ll show you when we expect the two galaxies to crash, and which consequences will go along with it!


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