The Shocking Discovery of Lights from a City by the James Webb Telescope!


The Shocking Discovery of Lights from a City by the James Webb Telescope

It is December 25, 2021, and a new window to the hidden secrets of the cosmos is opening for experts. About 6 months after the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, the complex equipment provided us with the first overwhelming images – but this was only the prelude to an ambitious mission, at the end of which our knowledge of the universe will be lifted into completely new spheres.

In addition to studying the first luminous formations and galaxies that emerged after the Big Bang, Webb’s mission will also help provide the answer to one of the oldest questions in human history: Are we alone? To get to the bottom of this cosmic mystery, the $10 billion telescope will look at the atmospheres of exoplanets and check the celestial bodies for habitability. In this regard, the mysterious signal recently detected is becoming a particular focus of discussion. But what are these current headlines that tell of artificial lights on Proxima Centauri B really all about? Is it truly the technical signature of an advanced species? Or can the reports be explained in another way? Together with you we are looking for answers today!


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