The Quantum Hall Effect by Prange 2nd edition pdf


The Quantum Hall Effect by Prange 2nd edition pdf

The Quantum Hall Effect by Prange 2nd edition pdf : Pages 473

By Richard E. Prange, Richard E. Prange and Steven M. Girvin

Series : Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics

Publisher : Springer-Verlag New York, Year : 1990

ISBN : 978-0-387-97177-3,978-1-4612-3350-3

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It is a pleasure to accept the invitation of the Editors to write a foreword to this volume on the quantum Hall effect. I have been asked to briefly describe the circumstances surrounding the original discovery and to comment on the many subsequent developments. I shall begin with the former. The first inversion layer Hall conductivity measurements in strong magnetic fields were done by S. Kawaji and his colleagues in 1975. Using a somewhat different experimental arrangement which measured the Hall voltage rather than the Hall current, Th. Englert and I had found flat Hall plateaus in 1978. In his
diploma work, my student G. Ebert tried to analyze the deviation of the Hall conductivity O’xy from the classical curve. No explanation of the experimental data was possible on the basis of published theories, which at the time did not include the effect of localization ( BOOK / Page 5 )

(Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) Richard E. Prange (auth.), Richard E. Prange, Steven M. Girvin (eds.) – The Quantum Hall Effect-Springer-Verlag New York (1990)

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