The quantum ‘boomerang’ effect has been seen for the first time

The quantum ‘boomerang effect has been seen for the first time
In the quantum boomerang effect, particles return to their starting positions, on average, after a nudge. A new experiment (shown) demonstrates a version of the effect using lithium atoms.

Researchers at Uni of California have demonstrated the quantum boomerang effect for the first time. Quantum boomerang effect is that quantum particles return to their original positions after being agitated by lasers initially. #quantum Physics #time symmetry #boomerang effect

Some quantum particles gotta get right back to where they started from.

Physicists have confirmed a theoretically predicted phenomenon called the quantum boomerang effect. An experiment reveals that, after being given a nudge, particles in certain materials return to their starting points, on average, researchers report in a paper accepted in Physical Review X.

Particles can boomerang if they’re in a material that has lots of disorder. Instead of a pristine material made up of orderly arranged atoms, the material must have many defects, such as atoms that are missing or misaligned, or other types of atoms sprinkled throughout. ( Source : )


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