The Periodic Table chemical periodicity pdf


The Periodic Table chemical periodicity pdf

The Periodic Table chemical periodicity pdf

Atomic radius
Atomic radii decrease as you move from left to right across a period, because the increased number of
protons create more positive charge attraction for electrons which are in the same shell with similar

Ionic radius

Na+ Mg2+ Al3+ Si4+ all have the same electronic structure (of the noble gas Ne) There are increasing numbers of protons from Na to Si but the same number of electrons. The effective nuclear attraction per electron therefore increases and ions get smaller

Melting and boiling points

For Na, Mg, Al- Metallic bonding : strong bonding – gets stronger the more electrons there are in the outer shell that are released to the sea of electrons. A smaller positive centre also makes the bonding stronger. Higher energy is needed to break bonds.

•Groups of Elements
•The Periodic Table
•Core and valence electrons
•Lewis dot structures
•Ionic and covalent bonds
•Names of Ions
•Multiple bonds
•Formal Charges
•Octet Rule
•VSEPR Theory
•Elements forming more than one ion

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