The Largest Volcano Ever Is Waking Up. Can We Survive It?


The Largest Volcano Ever Is Waking Up. Can We Survive It

Death and destruction are common outcomes of volcanic eruptions. These eruptions produce extremely hot lava, engulfing communities and crops and wreaking havoc. Volcanic ash produced can cause respiratory difficulties as well as impediments to air transport. Large volcanoes have the potential to wipe out entire animal and human populations, as well as cause trillions of dollars in economic damage.

Who knows what will happen to humanity if the world’s supervolcanoes all decide to erupt at once. Would there be hope for our survival now that these beasts are starting to wake up from their slumber? The constant reawakening of Mauna Loa’s volcano has garnered recent media attention, and the volcano’s activity should not be ignored.

Mauna Loa is the world’s largest active volcano, rising gradually to a height of 4,170 meters (13,681 ft). Its broad undersea flanks drop 5 kilometers (3 miles) below sea level to the ocean floor.


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