TESS Telescope Found New Planets Better than Earth!


TESS Telescope Found New Planets Better than Earth

Have you ever thought about aliens? I mean, have you ever thought about the possibility that we aren’t alone? What if Earth is just one of many planets in the universe and intelligent life is out there somewhere? Just like how on earth are we supposed to know? Before you dismiss this as an absurd question, I highly recommend you watch this video. It might change your perspective.

Over the past years NASA has heavily invested into researching extraterrestrial life. They’ve sent thousands of satellites into space, built scientific labs on the moon, and drafted thousands of groundbreaking reports about what it would be like to discover alien life. So, watch this video for those who are ready for some mind-blowing information about extraterrestrials, number 5 will definitely shock you.

Remember to like, share, comment and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this! TESS has been in space for just a few days, but scientists have already found out where life could be possible. In the last couple of years, NASA’s Kepler Telescope has discovered thousands of worlds that are more-or-less Earth sized. And by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze their brightness, project scientists were able to find out which ones had atmospheres. TESS has identified ten new planets that orbit within the « habitable zone » of their stars — that is, the range of distances where liquid water might exist on the surface.

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