Tensors and their Applications pdf


Tensors and their Applications pdf

Tensors and their Applications pdf : Pages 262

By  Nazrul Islam

This book fills the gap as methodology has been explained in a simple manner to enable students to understand easily. This book will prove to be a complete book for the students in this field. ( book Page 8 )

‘Tensors’ were introduced by Professor Gregorio Ricci of University of Padua (Italy) in 1887 primarily as extension of vectors ( book Page 10 )

Tensor Algebra ; Metric Tensor and Riemannian Metric ; Christoffel’s Symbols and Covariant Differentiation ; Riemann-Christoffel Tensor ; The e-systems and the Generalized Krönecker Deltas ; Geometry ; Analytical Mechanics ; Curvature of a Curve, Geodesic ; Parallelism of Vectors ; Ricci’s Coefficients of Rotation and Congruence ; Hypersurfaces.

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