Systems Thinking Managing Chaos and Complexity pdf


Systems Thinking Managing Chaos and Complexity pdf

Systems Thinking Managing Chaos and Complexity pdf : Pages 357

SECOND EDITION by Jamshid Gharajedaghi

A Platform for Designing Business Architecture

Foreword to Second Edition
Professor Thomas Lee of MIT was a dear friend. I met him in the early 1980s when he was the Secretary General of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Tom was obsessed with the notion that two distinct traditions of systems thinking—Ackoff’s interactive design and Forrester’s systems dynamics—are complementary. For years he insisted that we should work together to merge the two prominent systems methodologies into a single unified one. But at the time I was preoccupied with two other exciting conceptions. The first one was consideration of culture as an operating system that guides social organizations toward a predefined order. The
second was a hunch that iteration is the key for understanding complexity

Sadly, Tom passed away, but managed to get a promise from me to work on his favorite project. To fulfill my promise I tried several different approaches, all in vain, before realizing that I had the solution all along. In fact I had used it in the first edition of the present work to combine my version of holistic thinking— iteration of structure, function, and process—with Interactive design. Suddenly
it became clear that Interactive Design is not just a simple methodology. It is also a platform that could be used to integrate the iterative approach, systems dynamics, and the challenge of self organization of sociocultural systems (neg-entropic process) into a comprehensive systems methodology. ( BOOK : Page 16 )

Systems Thinking, _ Managing Chaos and Complexity_ A Platform for Designing Business Architecture

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