Stopped Eating? If you can


Stopped Eating

Stopped Eating : Food is a favorite pastime for many which is convenient because we inced it to live.

But waht would happen to you body if you were to completely stop eating food, right now ?

In the first 6 hours, all is fairly normal. Your body begins to break down glycogen-which stores energy in your cells use as fuel.

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Around 25% of energy generated this way is used for you brain alone, while the rest goes to muscle tissues and red bloodcells.

but after about 6 hours this methode of energy production halts as the glycogen stores deplete, which can lead to the notorious ‘ hangry’ or hungry and angry feeling that many of us know too well

6-72 hours : your body enters a state colled ketosis as it begins to fast or strave because there is very little glucose in your blood, your body must begin to break down fat for energy.

watch this video carefully

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