Something Weird Is Going On With Jupiter’s Red Spot Right Now


Something Weird Is Going On With Jupiters Red Spot Right Now

What if the Solar System’s primary gas giant, Jupiter, is sick? Consider this: you found a strange red spot the size of a tennis ball on your body. It’s unclear how it appeared, and the doctors only lift their hands in dismay.

Even on the Internet, no one can tell what it is! Meanwhile, the spot increases and decreases, and at the same time, it’s flaking. So, what’s actually happening: is this contagion preparing to disappear, or is it gradually killing you? Of course, Jupiter can’t literally die from the Great Red Spot, but it can indicate some irreversible changes, the essence of which we don’t comprehend. After all, the most notable feature of the largest planet in the Solar System is still one of the great mysteries of physics and astronomy.

In this video, you’ll find out: how many red spots does Jupiter actually have? How deep is this giant abscess on the planet’s body? And finally, why doesn’t the mysterious Great Red Spot disappear?

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