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Small But Dangerous

Small But Dangerous : Can you believe that the most dangerous animals on earth are the smallest Yes, this is true animal like Scorpio belongs to the range of arachnids, have eight feet, live in hot and dry areas, hiding in burrows and crevices, under stones and rocks, a petition to moisture, and avoid heat Achamms.atoagd of scorpions the world’s approximately 2,000 species

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blue-ringed octopus live in the deep oceans of Australia, New guinea , indonesia and Philipppines it’sworthremembering tnat its venom can cause complete motor paralysis and leads a cardiac arrest

poison dart frog to 24 hours is so cold because these little frog contain such a potent toxin that has been used by ous peoples in central and south america to position the tips of blow dart that color is used to warn predators of danger

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