Scientists Detected Strange Blinking Signals From Our Galaxy


Alien Life

Scientists Detected Strange Blinking Signals From Our Galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy is home to many strange things. For example, take a look at the almost 1,000 filaments, or strands, discovered in the Milky Way’s core only late last year.

Some of them are over 150 light-years in length. And just recently, scientists announced the discovery of yet another mysterious object, this time looking more like a star, but still unlike anything else they’d ever seen. One minute on, 18 minutes off, and then back on, that’s how long it stays on.

Neither a pulsar nor a supernova can be seen in its blinks. What in the universe could this strange blinking star be? Is this some sort of message from aliens? Or is it a message from the realms beyond our comprehension?

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