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salad greens : The advantages of a green salad
And there are even 8 strengths to health. Here are 8 great reasons that will push you to buy a salad every two days to eat every day!

1. A fresh bowl
Green salads are refreshing. During the long summer days, a salad (flavored or not) provides a good amount of water to the body, and limit acidosis of it. Even during the winter you have to hydrate and eat salad, tartiflette may well be accompanied by a green salad with a dressing.

2. A bowl of flavor
The wide variety of salads, lettuce, chicory will suit anyone and everyone. For your information, there are two families of salad: lettuce and chicory.

You can multiply the diversity and appeal of salads with accompaniments and salad dressings that adorn beautifully any salad.

3. A greater sense of satiety
Despite the low calorie salads, their satiating power is impressive. A study published in 2004 was interested in eating a salad before the meal and the number of calories in it. Verdict? Women who eat a salad before a meal consumed 10% fewer calories on average during the meal .

4. Rich in omega 3
Surprising as it may seem, the salad is a good source of omega-3. Chewy tops the ranking, followed by curly and lettuce. To better visualize the 100g of mince (the richest) will bring you 12% of your recommended daily intake of omega-3.


5. Salad + oily dressing = even better
You understood the salad is good for you, but with oily dressing even better. A study also published in 2004 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that carotenoids and licopènes were better absorbed when the dressing was greasy .

6. Anti-cancer molecules
Beta-carotene, glucosinolate, quercetin and kaempferol are all molecules present in the salads that have been proven to prevent oxidative attacks of DNA, and the proliferation of cancer cells .

7. vitamins Sources
The salad is special lettuce is rich in vitamin K and A, vitamin B9 but also vitamin C .

8. cholesterol-lowering fiber
Soluble fiber present in lettuce would have positive impacts on circulating lipids. These fibers exert a cholesterol-lowering effect .

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