Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics pdf


Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics pdf

Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics pdf : Pages 435

By Hernández-Laguna A.and Maruani J., McWeeny R. (eds.)

These two volumes together comprise forty papers coming from the most outstanding contributions to the third European Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics Workshop held in Granada, Spain (1997). These books cover a very broad spectrum of scientific research work from quantum-mechanical many-body methods to important applications and computational developments, and from atoms and molecules to condensed matter. The first volume is subtitled Basic Problems and Model Systems, and includes the following topics: density matrices and density functionals, electron correlation effects, relativistic formulations, valence theory, and nuclear motions. The second volume is subtitled Advanced Problems and Complex Systems and covers the following topics: response theory, condensed matter, reactive collisions and chemical reactions, and computational chemistry and physics.

Year : 2002

ISBN : 0-7923-5922-4

Hernández-Laguna A., Maruani J., McWeeny R. (eds.) – Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics. Basic Problems and Model Systems. Volume 1 (2002)

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