Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory pdf


Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory pdf

Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory pdf : Pages 860

By Bipin R. Desai

Year: 2009

ISBN: 0521877601,9780521877602

Basic formalism ; Fundamental commutator and time evolution of state vectors
and operators ; Dynamical equations ; Free particles ;  Particles with spin ½ ; Gauge invariance, angular momentum, and spin ; Stern–Gerlach experiments ; Some exactly solvable bound-state problems ; Harmonic oscillator ; Coherent states ; Two-dimensional isotropic harmonic oscillator ; Landau levels and quantum Hall effect ; Time-independent ; Spin ½ systems in the presence of magnetic fields ; Oscillation and regeneration in neutrinos and neutral K-mesons
as two-level systems ; Time-independent perturbation for bound states ; Time-dependent perturbation ; Interaction of charged particles and radiation in perturbation theory ; Scattering in one dimension ; Scattering in three dimensions–aformal theory ; Partial wave amplitudes and phase shifts ;  Analytic structure of the S-matrix ; Poles of the Green’s function and composite systems ; Approximation methods for bound states and scattering ; Lagrangian method and Feynman path integrals ; Rotations and angular momentum ; Symmetry in quantum mechanics and symmetry groups ; Addition of angular momenta ;  Irreducible tensors and Wigner–Eckart theorem ; Entangled states ; Special theory of relativity: Klein–Gordon and Maxwell’s equations ;  Klein–Gordon and Maxwell’s equations ; The Dirac equation ; Dirac equation in the presence of spherically symmetric potentials ; Dirac equation in a relativistically invariant form ; Interaction of a Dirac particle with an electromagnetic field ; Multiparticle systems and second quantization ; Interactions of electrons and phonons in condensed matter ; Superconductivity ; Bose–Einstein condensation and superfluidity ; Lagrangian formulation of classical fields ; Spontaneous symmetry breaking ; Basic quantum electrodynamics and Feynman diagrams ; Electron self-energy ; Anomalous magnetic moment and Lamb shift

Bipin R. Desai – Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory (2009)


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