Quantum Mechanics in your Smartphone


Quantum Mechanics in your Smartphone

Quantum Mechanics in your SmartphoneQuantum Mechanics in your Smartphone

The Engineering Puzzle of Storing Trillions of Bits in your Smartphone / SSD using Quantum Mechanics

It’s a puzzle as to how your smartphone or the solid-state drive in your laptop can store gigabytes to terabytes of data by the click of a button! It’s amazing that your devices work flawlessly, and the information doesn’t leak out. In this video, we’ll learn how scientists and engineers use quantum mechanics to store this information reliably. We’ll take a look on the inside of the 3D NAND technology, and see an application of quantum mechanics- specifically quantum tunneling.

0:35 – Where is the storage microchip in your Smartphone?

1:12 – Inside the memory storage microchip.

2:08 – Exploring the walls of the charge trap.

3:00 – Writing information to a memory cell.

3:48 – How Quantum Mechanics is applied to writing to a memory cell.

5:30 – Dimensions of a memory cell.

6:24 – Memory cells DO lose their data… over time.

6:49 – Wrapping up

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