Quantum Field Theory II Quantum Electrodynamics pdf


Quantum Field Theory II Quantum Electrodynamics pdf

Quantum Field Theory II Quantum Electrodynamics pdf : Pages 1125

By Eberhard Zeidler

Part I: Introduction
• Chapter 1: Mathematical Principles of Modern Natural Philosophy
• Chapter 2: The Basic Strategy of Extracting Finite Information from
Infinities – Ariadne’s Thread in Renormalization Theory
• Chapter 3: The Power of Combinatorics
• Chapter 4: The Strategy of Equivalence Classes in Mathematics
Part II: Basic Ideas in Classical Mechanics
• Chapter 5: Geometrical Optics
• Chapter 6: The Principle of Critical Action and the Harmonic Oscillator as a Paradigm
Part III: Basic Ideas in Quantum Mechanics
• Chapter 7: Quantization of the Harmonic Oscillator – Ariadne’s Thread
in Quantization
• Chapter 8: Quantum Particles on the Real Line – Ariadne’s Thread in
Scattering Theory
• Chapter 9: A Glance at General Scattering Theory.
Part IV: Quantum Electrodynamics (QED)
• Chapter 10: Creation and Annihilation Operators
• Chapter 11: The Basic Equations in Quantum Electrodynamics
• Chapter 12: The Free Quantum Fields of Electrons, Positrons, and
• Chapter 13: The Interacting Quantum Field, and the Magic Dyson
Series for the S-Matrix
• Chapter 14: The Beauty of Feynman Diagrams in QED
• Chapter 15: Applications to Physical Effects
Part V: Renormalization
• Chapter 16: The Continuum Limit
• Chapter 17: Radiative Corrections of Lowest Order
• Chapter 18: A Glance at Renormalization to all Orders of Perturbation
• Chapter 19: Perspectives

Quantum Field Theory II_ Quantum Electrodynamics_ A Bridge between Mathematicians and Physicists

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