Practical Algebra A Self Teaching Guide pdf


Practical Algebra A Self Teaching Guide pdf

Practical Algebra A Self Teaching Guide pdf : Pages 338

By John Wiley & Sons

With a « learn-by-doing » approach, it reviews and teaches elementary and some intermediate algebra. While rigorous enough to be used as a college or high school text, the format is reader friendly, particularly in this Second Edition, and clear enough to be used for self-study in a non-classroom environment. « Pre-test » material enables readers to target problem areas quickly and skip areas that are already well understood. Some new material has been added to the Second Edition and redundant or confusing material omitted. The first chapter has undergone major revision. Chapters feature « post-tests » for self-evaluation. Thousands of practice problems, questions and answers make this algebra review a unique and practical text.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Year: 1991

ISBN: 978-0471530121


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