People’s Physics Book pdf


People’s Physics Book pdf

People’s Physics Book pdf : Pages 210

By James H. Dann, and James J. Dann.

Supported by CK-12 Foundation

How to Use This Textbook This textbook is intended to be used as one small part of a multifaceted strategy to teach physics conceptually and mathematically. It is intended as a reference guide and problem text that students can carry to and from class with ease. Some students will need a more in-depth textbook for reading and sample problems: for this we suggest an in-class library that includes standard texts as well as current science magazines and articles. The textbook assumes a thorough knowledge of the subjects usually covered in Algebra II classes, including right triangle trigonometry and vector addition and components. Some previous familiarity with physical science or chemistry is assumed, including use of the periodic table, the mole and significant digits. And, of course, this textbook does not attempt to replace the important work that students and teachers do together, in the classroom. ( book : Page 4 )

Units and Problem Solving ; Energy Conservation ; One-Dimensional Motion ; Two-Dimensional and Projectile Motion ; Newton’s Laws ; Centripetal Forces ; Momentum Conservation ; Energy and Force ; Rotational Motion ; Simple Harmonic Motion ; Wave Motion and Sound ; Electricity ; Electric Circuits: Batteries and Resistors ; Magnetism ; Electric Circuits: Capacitors ; Electric Circuits: Advanced Topics ;  Light ; Fluids. ; Thermodynamics and Heat Engines ; Special and General Relativity ; Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics ; Standard Model of Particle Physics ;  Feynman Diagrams ; Quantum Mechanics ; The Physics of Global Warming ; Answers to Selected Problems ; Equations and Fundamental Concepts

CK-12 Foundation – CK-12 People’s Physics Book Version 2-CK-12 Foundation (2011)

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