North America’s Worst Disaster Ever Is FINALLY About To Happen!


North Americas Worst Disaster Ever Is FINALLY About To Happen

You may find it hard to believe but what you see on the screen right now isn’t just one place.

In fact, this is the place where the Pacific plate and the North American plate lie adjacent to each other so if you visit this place with a friend, both of you can be in the same area but stand on two separate tectonic plates.

But what is this place? Well, it’s the infamous San Andreas Fault Line of California and possibly the potential origin point of one of the greatest disasters in the history of California. It is rightfully considered the greatest threat faced by Southern California today. But how is that possible?

To better understand this Fault Line and the danger it poses to unsuspecting Californians, first you need to find out a bit more about its geography. So what exactly is the San Andreas Fault Line? The sci-fi and apocalyptic movie fans amongst you must have an inkling about this thanks to the popular film titled San Andreas featuring everyone’s favourite Dwayne Johnson. Though the depiction of disaster in case of a rupture is far more exaggerated in this film.

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