NASA Hacker: ‘Solar Warden’ Reverse-Engineered Technology From E.T. To Dominate Space


NASA Hacker

The secrets of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), anti-gravity technology, and unexplained phenomena found in the past demonstrate that governments hide something that can cause huge chaos around the world. Why Nikola Tesla‘s dream of free energy was never fulfilled? We have no answers, but his biographer wrote about his contact with extraterrestrials. Even during the Nazi’s prime time in the world war, people saw anti-gravity technology-based crafts.

At the beginning of 2000, British hacker Gary McKinnon got so fed up with the government hiding information related to UFOs and free energy that he decided to hack the most secured servers of NASA and the Pentagon. It is unimaginable how someone could hack the US most secured servers of the Pentagon used by the military and NASA. His curiosity about UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrials brought great news to conspiracy theorists and UFO researchers.

McKinnon said that he had found evidence of the following:

1. Information about the development of a secret space fleet and inexhaustible source of power existed for these secret spaceships; 2. He said that he had seen real photographs of UFOs in computer files at the Johnson Space Center Building. He even took a screenshot of one of the cigar-shaped UFOs in-between space and the earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, it was removed from his computer after being seized;
3. Interestingly, before releasing any photos, he said that the government used Photoshop to edit out the UFOs from them.


Gary Mckinnon 1
British hacker Gary McKinnon had accessed into Pentagon’s computer files he discovered the existence of the “Solar Warden” code name given to particular areas in the Secret Space Program

For over 10 years, the US government had been demanding the extradition of McKinnon from the UK. But if it had happened, then McKinnon could have used his legal rights to appear in court. This could be a disaster for the Pentagon as well as all its military and space activities. In 2012, his extradition request was denied by the British government, and all cases against him had to be dropped.

In 2010, UFO researcher and investigator Darren Perks requested the United States Department of Defense to reveal information about the secret program known as “Solar Warden,” using his freedom of information. The department responded to him.

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