Math word problems for dummies pdf


Math word problems for dummies pdf

Math word problems for dummies pdf : Pages 363

By Mary Jane Sterling

Publisher: For Dummies, Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780470146606,0470146605

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Everyone remembers story problems, nowadays called « word problems, » from elementary school and middle school math. Solving word problems is the latest way to help students who struggle learning basic math skills, as well as to introduce more complicated math concepts. Math Word Problems For Dummies shows students and adult learners how to solve word problems with a method that works for any word problem at any level. Math-wary readers will use basic math to work through problems, focusing on elementary-level skills before moving on to algebra and geometry. Mary Jane Sterling (Peoria, IL), a teacher for more than 25 years, is the author of numerous For Dummies books, including Algebra For Dummies (0-7645-5325-9) and Trigonometry For Dummies (0-7645-6903-1).


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