Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide 2 Algebra pdf


Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide 2 Algebra pdf

Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide 2 Algebra pdf : Pages 163

By Manhattan GMAT

Series: Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guide

Publisher: Manhattan Prep Publishing, Year: 2012

ISBN: 1935707620,9781935707622

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The Algebra Guide covers algebra in all its various forms (and disguises) on the GMAT, helping you master both fundamental techniques and nuanced strategies for solving algebraic problems.Unlike other guides that attempt to convey everything in a single tome, the Algebra Strategy Guide is designed to provide deep, focused coverage of one specialized area tested on the GMAT. As a result, students benefit from thorough and comprehensive subject material, clear explanations of fundamental principles, and step-by-step instructions of important techniques. In-action practice problems and detailed answer explanations challenge the student, while topical sets of Official Guide problems provide the opportunity for further growth.

Used by itself or with other Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides, the Algebra Guide will help students develop all the knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking necessary for success on the GMAT.

Purchase of this book includes one year of access to Manhattan GMAT’s online computer-adaptive practice exams and Algebra Question Bank. All Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides are aligned with the 13th edition GMAC Official Guide

(Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guide) Manhattan GMAT – Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide 2 _ Algebra-Manhattan Prep Publishing (2012)

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