Magnetism in the solid state an introduction pdf


Magnetism in the solid state an introduction pdf

Magnetism in the solid state an introduction pdf : Pages 230

By Peter Mohn

This book presents a phenomenological approach to the field of solid state magnetism. After introducing the basic concepts from statistical thermodynamics and electronic structure theory, the first part discusses the standard models for localized moments (Weiss, Heisenberg) and delocalized moments (Stoner). This is followed by a chapter about exchange and correlation in metals, again considering the results for the localized and delocalized limit. The book ends with a chapter about spin fluctuations, which are introduced as an alternative to the finite temperature Stoner theory. The book will be a useful reference for researchers and a valuable accompaniment to graduate courses on magnetism and magnetic materials.

Series: Springer series in solid-state sciences 134

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2006

ISBN: 3540293841,9783540293842

(Springer series in solid-state sciences 134) Peter Mohn – Magnetism in the solid state_ an introduction-Springer (2006)

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