Links for probability


Links for probability

Links for probability

Basic concepts : Classical probability, equally likely outcomes. Combinatorial analysis, permutations and combinations. Stirling’s formula (asymptotics for log n! proved).

Discrete random variables : Expectation. Functions of a random variable, indicator function, variance, standard deviation.

Continuous random variables : Distributions and density functions. Expectations; expectation of a function of a random variable.

Inequalities and limits : Markov’s inequality, Chebyshev’s inequality.

Link 1 : the Probability Web

Link 2 : maths is fun

Link 3 : All probability

Link 4 : Brilliant / paroba

Link 5 : Probability is the maths of chance

Link 6 : revision maths

Link 7 : Math world

Link 8 : Probability Theory

Link 9 : Prerequisites / probability

Link 10 : Probability of events

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