Just now A Strange Signal Received from a Jupiter Moon!


Just now A Strange Signal Received from a Jupiter Moon

No other planet in the solar system reaches the mighty dimensions of Jupiter. The gas giant has an equatorial diameter of 85,000 miles – in theory, our Earth would fit more than 1,300 times inside the cosmic giant. In the meantime, we know that the largest member of our planetary system is accompanied by at least 79 moons.

The Galilean moons, in particular, move again and again into the center of the scientific interest. First discovered in 1610 by the polymath Galileo Galilei, some of these satellites are suspected of hiding gigantic oceans beneath their surfaces.

No less exciting, however, is the discovery that the Juno space probe recently registered on Ganymede – Jupiter’s moon is emitting mysterious signals! What is this exciting observation all about?

And what other secrets do Jupiter’s satellites hide? Together with you we are looking for answers today!

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