James Webb Telescope’s Terrifying Discovery of City Lights!


James Webb Telescopes Terrifying Discovery of City Lights

Scientists at NASA had no idea what they were signing up for when they launched their state-of- the-art James Webb Telescope on 25th December 2021 from the Guiana Space Centre.

Astronomers were expecting to find clues for life in the atmosphere of distant planets and galaxies. But little did they know that the first images to arrive from the JWST will revolutionize the way we perceive outer space. The mysterious light detected by the incredibly powerful telescope in one of the images might just be the evidence we needed to confirm that another planet out there could have signs of life.

NASA has just released the first pictures captured by JWST and the American President Joe Biden has accurately called this mission « a new window into the history of our universe ». NASA Administrator Bill Nelson had promised that soon enough humanity will get an utterly unique view of the cosmos, unlike any that we’ve seen before

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